Are you working from home or the office, why?

I’m going into the office because it’s around the corner from my home and we own the building so it’s just us, no clients or general public.  My team is mostly all working from home and I miss them!

Did you establish a new routine, describe?

Yes, I dress a little more casual, and I work out from home in the mornings early and do my quiet time and gratitude journal to stay positive and not let the chaos and fear affect me.  I start my day right so I can be strong for my clients.  Also I do a lot of Facetime with my parents, niece and nephew, and schedule friend hangouts with a glass of wine and pretend like we are all together.

Positive change this new schedule has provided?

I’ve been busier than ever and haven’t been able to slow down, as this is when clients needs us most.  But it is going to be a great lesson for when things are back to normal, how I need to learn to slow down more and better pace myself.

What do you miss the most, or first thing you will do when this restrictions are lifted?

I, like everyone else, want a trip to the beach!  I can’t wait to see clients face to face and give them a hug, I miss the connection and bonds that phone or video calls just can’t provide.

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