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Jan 26
@DavidAdamsCFPJan 26
Find ways to savior the only currency that truly matters..... TIME. Retirement is a journey not a destination. Continue to listen to David's Retire While You Work Podcast for creative ways to manage your time and your money. https://t.co/BloJoMleHQ1 week ago
Let's find a way to enjoy our lives, relationships and strive for more balance in life by focusing on creating meaningful experience with loved ones. https://t.co/0Xp2Qo3M6f1 week ago
Have you lost site of what matters the most? Relationships, family, self care and the simple act of just enjoying life? Listen to David's podcast and learn how to take your life back. https://t.co/YVGH4v9ctb2 weeks ago
What if you could do what you're passionate about and achieve work-life balance? https://t.co/RewzAVdpJx https://t.co/Tv3B3ch1zu https://t.co/8yJ55CWP15 https://t.co/4Ecm3bGGk92 weeks ago
You don't need to love your job to love your life. Learn simple tools to live your best life now. https://t.co/Qh3uk7j4RV2 weeks ago
We need a more holistic way of viewing money, retirement and life balance. https://t.co/4oV3UZr1Sp2 weeks ago
We can all find joy in the journey of life while still satisfying our ambitions, goals, health, and personal and spiritual lives. If we prioritize living life while also planning for the future, we can find a rewarding work-life balance. https://www.rjsoci https://t.co/V3DM4laxoG https://t.co/xUOmzj1VDA3 weeks ago
What if you could do what you're passionate about and achieve work-life balance? https://t.co/3Y9tlrpPML https://t.co/6DpRVBtd7i3 weeks ago
From your credit score to your cholesterol, here are some numbers you should know as well as you know your bank PIN: https://t.co/SyVtamICsE1 month ago
With the holidays just around the corner, you've probably started making your gift lists for friends and family. What do you gift to the person who doesn't necessarily want or need something tangible? Here are some ideas: https://t.co/YY5eXwpMmU1 month ago

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