Aug 21
@DavidAdamsCFPAug 21
This is why as a business owner it’s good to have liability insurance (when you see your team using a ladder to change bulbs 20ft high) ?‍♀️????? hours ago
I love what I do every day, helping people find freedom from the fear and greed associated with money, and instead use money as a means to a greater purpose. days ago
Hello there, David here again for a brief market and economic update. I love to talk, as you probably know by now, so let’s see how I do with the “brief” part! weeks ago
Learning so much for our clients here in Chicago at the annual Top Producer Raymond James Chaiman’s Council Retreat. Listening to the firm’s top executives share what’s on the horizon in our industry.. I am such a nerd for this stuff, yes I know ?‍♀️?‍♀️ month ago
What if you could do what you're passionate about and achieve work-life balance? What if you were relieved of the pressure to have some massive amount of money saved? Read David Adam's recently published book and get a fresh perspective on retirement! months ago
Social connections in retirement add to your quality of life. Here’s how technology can help: . months ago
Changing careers: Discover the small and manageable steps that make a big leap possible for successful women. . months ago
Gotta love our guest speakers tie today- “one White House tweet away from a crisis” ??? months ago
Great turnout for David’s market update lunch with special guest speaker Larry Adam, CIO for Raymond James. Both David and Larry shared their predictions and views for the stock market in the next 2 years and added a few jokes to keep it fun ?? months ago
Are you ready for retirement? Financial preparedness is only one part. Learn about the others here: . months ago

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