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May 07
@DavidAdamsCFPMay 07
Let's just be honest, the behind the scenes are usually the moments that create the most laughs and memories - so here are a few. Enjoy! https://t.co/zrRUiyqImt10 hours ago
As we continue to make health and wellness a greater priority in our practice, Julie Schutt, our Director of Client Experience, shared one of her favorite health tips in our most recent newsletter. You can expect many more health related topics from us in the near future! https://t.co/VFEKCdFu452 days ago
Is there a certain amount of money you need to retire or is that just a myth? The whole point of our "Retire While You Work" philosophy is centered around just this. In a blog back from 2018, David went in depth on just this topic! Read more about it here. https://t.co/rt9QdhZBMo4 days ago
There is no right or wrong amount for an emergency fund. It is meant to be there for protection when it is needed most. Listen in as Myles discusses a quick way to decide what the right amount for you might be. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning https://t.co/A264c2Cysz1 week ago
In our first newsletter of 2021, Jeri Anne shared one of her all time favorite books. What is your all time favorite book? Comment below to share with us! https://t.co/dd55eoOrJA2 weeks ago
Remaining disciplined in times of worry can be tough. But, if your goals haven't changed then why does your plan need to? All successful investing is goal-focused and plan driven - not reactionary. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Goals https://t.co/8VfL9s61b82 weeks ago
The year and the market have started off on a fast start. So, what has happened so far this year and where are we headed? Myles discusses that very topic in his Q1 market commentary. #Planning #Quarter1 #Economy https://t.co/A2RkjozVRw2 weeks ago
Click below to check out and subscribe to our podcast! If you are already a subscriber, please feel free to share with your friends and family! #Retirewhileyouwork #Podcast #Finance https://t.co/KLxm21C7fN3 weeks ago
In our winter 2021 newsletter, our Director of Stress Management Jolene, shared her thoughts on the past year. For her 2020 was one of the best years! #puppythoughts #dogs https://t.co/lv6tOZPOvf3 weeks ago
Join us on April 28th at 11am CDT as Michelle comes back for a session that will consist only in a Q&A format. https://t.co/f6GfSWzrKK *Raymond James is not affiliated with SweatNet or Michelle Norris https://t.co/dzySZgeoAb4 weeks ago

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