Jan 21
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Jolene Adams

Director of Stress Management

My daddy deals with all this money stuff, and all I know is it sounds stressful sometimes. So my job is to sniff out any stress in the office and trade it in for puppy kisses and snuggles. I’m still working on my compensation plan and benefits package, although I must admit I have it made. I get 3 walks a day at the office, dog bones, and my daddy’s office is full of toys for me to play with. He may try and act like he’s a tough guy, but if you sneak in on him, he’s likely on the floor cuddled up with me talking to me in a high pitched feminine voice (insert eye roll here). Bless his heart…

@DavidAdamsCFPJan 21
What can investors expect from the financial markets this year? Chief Investment Officer Larry Adam offers his perspective. https://t.co/uPOBC0Jx5I3 days ago
123 consecutive quarters of profitability (and counting) doesn’t just happen. Learn how the support of Raymond James could improve your business. We love it here! 16 years and counting... https://t.co/8iHs7cDZi24 days ago
When your clients have a good sense of humor and you get emails like this with your new book!! Love it Gary! Check out our new book, "The Currency of Time"!! https://t.co/FQj5IBbJmQ1 week ago
Today is officially book launch day!! Order your copy on Amazon by tomorrow at midnight and proceeds will help support Thistle Farms locally!! I'm so excited to share my philosophy about money, time, and experiences with you and hope you enjoy.. https://t.co/vYRKKeTvep2 weeks ago
Take a look at what’s happening in the economy and capital markets, as well as key factors our analysts are watching, in the December market recap. https://t.co/SunlaBJsMT2 weeks ago
Ok....it's almost time!! We've been waiting for this for years now!! Pre-Order a copy of David's book!! Ships January 8th!! https://t.co/vYRKKeTvep2 weeks ago
Remember: market volatility is an inevitable part of investing. https://t.co/FmuYPdfDJL . https://t.co/CAuOvgTIHj3 weeks ago
Happy 44th wedding anniversary to my loving and amazing parents! https://t.co/Dw0Ue8iPX33 weeks ago
December’s market meltdown continues as we close in on year end. Investors continue to show concern over trade conflicts, interest rates and a potential partial government shutdown. https://t.co/jOGcIK4AFh1 month ago
Proud to be a part of this Board and witness such a successful 2018! https://t.co/XWai2rUrEO1 month ago

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