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Aug 10
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Are your dreams and goals congruent with your day to day activities? Listen to David's podcast and start living the life of your dreams today. Spend your time and energy on what you value most. https://t.co/zC3w1RRc043 days ago
Are you committed to continuous growth? Check out our website, where you will find all of our content. Educational blogs, market update videos, podcasts, financial calculators, you name it! If you still have questions or want to learn more, give us a call. https://t.co/2ANj4MBrb3 https://t.co/YJVmT1WaGT5 days ago
Listen in as David answers some of the most common questions he receives from his clients regarding paying off their mortgage. He shares case studies and tips to help you make the best decision for you. https://t.co/1O5c8DI2Si6 days ago
Find "Retire While You Work" Apple Podcasts. We're releasing more and more content as the weeks go by. Most podcasts are only a few minutes long and can provide some great information. https://t.co/2TNzga0dFs7 days ago
"One of the simplest ways to lower stress and anxiety over money is to focus on what you are thankful for." ~ Jeri Anne Agee https://t.co/JHj7fVKReu1 week ago

We offer services in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and surrounding areas.

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