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Nov 29
@DavidAdamsCFPNov 29
Carson discusses in his most recent blog the joys of parenthood, but also the importance of planning for kids and their future. Read here for some great tips from Carson. #parent #planning #future https://t.co/zCIWMk1dHr2 days ago
Jolene took off for the Thanksgiving holiday but don't worry, she brought in an intern. Myles has Walter here keeping stress levels low! https://t.co/YA2TfEqLe24 days ago
For those on the go, the audio to our most recent webinar with Michael Gibbs is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcast. Mike provides some great insight on the markets post election. #election #finance #financialplanning https://t.co/IuFFM1vFKN4 days ago
Medicare's open enrollment season remains open through December 7th. If you have questions or need help, reach out! There is a dedicated team at Raymond James we can put you in touch with. https://t.co/kHL2V5aWuv5 days ago
Michael Gibbs, Director of Portfolio & Technical Strategy at Raymond James joins David to give an update on the markets post-election and what can be expected in the coming months. #investments #election #finance https://t.co/QmRznO0wlT1 week ago
As we close in on the end of the year, we enter the season of giving. Did you know that your charitable gift may be eligible for a tax deduction? Find out some ways you may be able to benefit here. #giving #taxes #holidays https://t.co/nBNME1smMn2 weeks ago
Having recently been married, Myles shares his thoughts on the tough but important conversations that need to be had ahead of the big day. #marriage #celebration https://t.co/hGYE7aaiDp2 weeks ago
To all those who served, we thank you on this Veterans Day and every day. Happy Veterans Day! #veteransday https://t.co/hC6hq6FZoF3 weeks ago
Although this has been an unprecedented year, many lessons have been learned. Listen in to this podcast as Carson gives some key takeaways and updates that can help us all as we close out 2020 and move into 2021. https://t.co/IrMGv710pJ3 weeks ago
Please join us in wishing David a very happy birthday today!!! https://t.co/mi8LZX3Zch3 weeks ago

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