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Jun 17
@DavidAdamsCFPJun 17
This week the Raymond James Tech Connect Conference is going on. David was asked to speak and present on ways we utilize technology as a firm to help protect ourselves and our clients from a security standpoint. #RaymondJames #Security #Technology https://t.co/uAs8BDsoRk1 day ago
Last night, Carson and Myles were invited to watch industry renowned and Chief Economist at First Trust Advisors, L.P, Brian Wesbury, speak on the current state of the economy and where he thinks the economic recovery goes from here. #Economy #Planning #Retirewhileyouwork https://t.co/RHDEDsm1kt1 day ago
Office Manager, Julie Schutt discusses some internal changes we are making to our website and how we are freshening up our image in 2021. Read all about it in her most recent blog post! #Retirewhileyouwork https://t.co/jpx6Qhyf903 days ago
Today we celebrate hitting a huge milestone in our practice! We hit our 20 year goal a few years early!! https://t.co/wrjKdxIYVp1 week ago
For those on the go, the audio from our Q2 2021 Market Update is now available. David shares some great notes that we feel are good to know and share with others! #Retirewhileyouwork #Q2 #Markets https://t.co/NZuHaVN8hV https://t.co/xhCQwLToDS1 week ago
Sometimes no amount of marriage counseling is enough to avoid divorce. It's a challenging process, both emotionally and financially. #Planning #Financialplanning #Divorce https://t.co/0GSC3m8pd32 weeks ago
Time = Love: A Message from the Desk and Heart of David https://t.co/GnAvMBhGoQ2 weeks ago
Last night as team we were able to have our first team dinner outing in over a year! We are excited to have nights like these creating memories as a group back! https://t.co/hJYliHTYHA3 weeks ago
Join us in wishing Carson a happy birthday today! https://t.co/meHXujKMou3 weeks ago
One of the most popular ways to access the equity in your home is through a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Carson explores the pros and cons of HELOC's. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #HomeEquity https://t.co/qONUuNkE1L3 weeks ago

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