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Apr 02
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What happens with humans when confronted with a crisis is amazing. I just wanted to share a quick note of gratitude. This too shall pass. https://t.co/vKUOP87iS71 week ago
It's natural to be nervous when the markets head toward volatile territory. Stay up to date with market changes through our volatility resources and contact me if you have questions. https://t.co/q6ct6rSM1I1 week ago
Our intern-in-training Hugo is making sure our clients remain calm and focused on the long term. https://t.co/qX3QoXGCEE2 weeks ago
"Retirement wellness is about more than having enough money. It's a lifestyle and mindset change that focuses not just on money and resources, but also creating memories and experiences. Balance is critical to enjoy this next chapter." -David Adams https://t.co/JkQbStVzGk https://t.co/9YjVWe3Thl2 weeks ago
We're practicing social distancing with respect to client meetings, but David didn't get the memo about client pets... https://t.co/7vdXlpb3G82 weeks ago
We're practicing social distance in the office for client meetings, but David didn't get the memo about client's pets. https://t.co/DeoqNS3HiO2 weeks ago
What if you could do what you're passionate about and achieve work-life balance? What if you were relieved of the pressure to have some massive amount saved? Subscribe to David's podcast so you don't miss an episode! https://t.co/tT50WtchmQ https://t.co/JvsWBB30wy2 weeks ago
The S&P 500 triggered the week's second trading halt by falling more than 7% during Thursday's market hours. https://t.co/LFs2bkgd3l3 weeks ago
As a #PinkTieGuy, I have recently pledged to help Susan G. Komen Central TN reach their Bold Goal to reduce breast cancer deaths by 50% in the United States by 2026. Visit https://t.co/L8DG25oq3l to donate to my fundraising campaign! #KomenCentralTN #CentralTNPTG #MoreThanPink https://t.co/EUNg4E0Rrm3 weeks ago

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