Oct 15
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Jolene Adams

Director of Stress Management

My daddy deals with all this money stuff, and all I know is it sounds stressful sometimes. So my job is to sniff out any stress in the office and trade it in for puppy kisses and snuggles. I’m still working on my compensation plan and benefits package, although I must admit I have it made. I get 3 walks a day at the office, dog bones, and my daddy’s office is full of toys for me to play with. He may try and act like he’s a tough guy, but if you sneak in on him, he’s likely on the floor cuddled up with me talking to me in a high pitched feminine voice (insert eye roll here). Bless his heart…

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Over the last few years, the markets have followed a pattern of bouts of episodic volatility sandwiched between periods of calm. Even though it may be hard, it's important to keep the recent volatility in perspective. https://t.co/ALjmrfhWiM3 days ago
Watch Andrew Adams, Senior Research Associate, as he reminds investors that periodic downturns are normal. It's natural to be nervous when the markets head toward volatility, but it's important to keep a positive perspective. https://t.co/HyTxGRPEPb3 days ago
Concerns about rising interest rates, trade disputes and the technology sector contributed to declines for all three major U.S. stock indices. https://t.co/0CrDEBBL4y4 days ago
When the markets are volatile, stay calm. https://t.co/ag05mg2uwU4 days ago
A few of my favorite pics from our firm Client Appreciation Event. What a magical, intimate night where the lines between client/family/friend were pleasingly blurred. Nights like this make all the hard work worth it. Thanks to everyone involved making this a special time. https://t.co/okAqkhuIqS1 week ago
Supporting a great cause and 2 clients’ bands tonight! Blackhawk and Billy Crain and the Outlaws!! https://t.co/6pKZhotXS11 week ago
Thanks Nashville Business Journal for interview on the new tax laws for 2018...happy to always share any guidance we can for this community! *Raymond James is not affiliated with NBJ https://t.co/zzgdUcRHTl1 week ago
So today was a big day. Got a chance to meet with the publisher of my book coming out this December! It’s been in my head for 5 years now and it feels so good to finally have the manuscript ready for the pros to clean it up! Stay tuned for the book release! https://t.co/o9hvb5TDcw1 week ago
This precious young woman will be 13 years old tomorrow and I’m proud to know her and beyond grateful for her performing at our client appreciation event. “Uncle David” welcomes sweet Carlisle as our newest and youngest client! https://t.co/OlpIQF3ucD2 weeks ago
The broad-market S&P 500 posted its best quarter in almost five years, up over seven percent. Read more about last month's market performance in the September market update: https://t.co/sTcdxSYSTc2 weeks ago

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