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Aug 04
@DavidAdamsCFPAug 04
It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 has altered how nearly everyone views money and savings. Many people also learned valuable lessons about finances that forever changed them. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Emergencyfund https://t.co/ICxdWz3Aik2 hours ago
When the time comes to slow down and exit a business that you have worked hard to build, it's important to have a good solid plan in place. David writes about how to decide with your head, not your heart. #retirewhileyouwork #plan #business https://t.co/V8TguHi9Hp2 days ago
In this episode, Carson discusses the benefits of both Roth and pre-tax contributions to your 401(k), what to consider, and where each may have its place in your plan. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Taxes #Retirement https://t.co/JNQRlrIayZ5 days ago
Michelle Norris, Director of Corporate Wellness at SweatNet joined us again for a third installment to our webinar series. Listen in and enjoy Michelle discussing all topics health related! #retirewhileyouwork #planning #health #wealth https://t.co/AjWIvdxWyD6 days ago
Real estate versus the stock market, which is better? Which has the best long term performance numbers? While you may be looking for a simple "yes" or "no" answer, there's truly too many variables to consider. #Retirewhileyouwork #Investing #Realestate https://t.co/DmCvIME42o1 week ago
In this episode, Carson discusses the pros and cons of employer-sponsored retirement plans and how much you should consider contributing if your employer does have a plan in place. https://t.co/FyVlVsNytz2 weeks ago
Did you have a chance to catch our webinar this morning with Michelle Norris, lead nutritionist with SweatNet? She discussed how to eat more of what's in season and decrease inflammation! #Retirewhileyouwork #Nutrition #Health #Wealth https://t.co/JrmlOdEPSS2 weeks ago
When trying to stick to a budget, it can be a struggle. In his most recent blog, Myles discusses how to make sure all monthly obligations are met and still leave room to spend money and do things for yourself. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Expenses https://t.co/DSnknqIkVX2 weeks ago
Rapid Fire Question of the Week: Do we think value stocks will outperform growth stocks? #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Investing #Economy https://t.co/HeBJFXKeBc2 weeks ago
Grateful to be partnered with a company like Raymond James, who believes in giving back to the community and the next generation as much as we do here at David Adams Wealth Group! #giveback #community #nashville #raymondjames https://t.co/vTC8Rzx3AN3 weeks ago

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