Jun 27
@DavidAdamsCFPJun 27
What if you could do what you're passionate about and achieve work-life balance? What if you were relieved of the pressure to have some massive amount of money saved? Read David Adam's recently published book and get a fresh perspective on retirement! https://t.co/vYRKKeTvep3 weeks ago
Social connections in retirement add to your quality of life. Here’s how technology can help: https://t.co/QRGEr4wh83 . https://t.co/W7zhFajw8Z4 weeks ago
Changing careers: Discover the small and manageable steps that make a big leap possible for successful women. https://t.co/ggmp87xyz4 . https://t.co/H2De1by7N41 month ago
Gotta love our guest speakers tie today- “one White House tweet away from a crisis” ??? https://t.co/SF8WAVHFjT1 month ago
Great turnout for David’s market update lunch with special guest speaker Larry Adam, CIO for Raymond James. Both David and Larry shared their predictions and views for the stock market in the next 2 years and added a few jokes to keep it fun ?? https://t.co/WJVGcTG1RE1 month ago
Are you ready for retirement? Financial preparedness is only one part. Learn about the others here: https://t.co/8LVu12b1Ya . https://t.co/SlYDNvDxoK1 month ago
Surprises of widowhood: Learn how discussing and planning for the inevitable can help you cope, heal and thrive. https://t.co/t3fhb70rnJ . https://t.co/hD3mMQBlc71 month ago
Great breakfast meeting with this New Zealand artist talking about the Nashville music landscape and wealth management for musicians. Check her out @jamiemcshark and watch for her name here soon in the U.S!! ? https://t.co/KishtjmEzT1 month ago
To say that I loved every minute of teaching Antioch Middle School 6th graders about what I do would be an understatement. Every part of me loved being a part of Career Day, and I left inspired to find more ways to be a mentor in the lives of our youth. Amazing day!!! https://t.co/TulMHYuOQ12 months ago
While it’s never easy to watch stocks fall, CIO Larry Adam sees any current weakness in the market as a potential buying opportunity. https://t.co/oWa4z2IBZx . https://t.co/NM5LHcqolX2 months ago

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