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Aug 03
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When the time comes to slow down and exit a business that you have worked hard to build, it's important to have a good solid plan in place. David writes about how to decide with your head, not your heart. #retirewhileyouwork #plan #business https://t.co/V8TguHi9Hp23 hours ago
In this episode, Carson discusses the benefits of both Roth and pre-tax contributions to your 401(k), what to consider, and where each may have its place in your plan. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Taxes #Retirement https://t.co/JNQRlrIayZ4 days ago
Michelle Norris, Director of Corporate Wellness at SweatNet joined us again for a third installment to our webinar series. Listen in and enjoy Michelle discussing all topics health related! #retirewhileyouwork #planning #health #wealth https://t.co/AjWIvdxWyD5 days ago
Real estate versus the stock market, which is better? Which has the best long term performance numbers? While you may be looking for a simple "yes" or "no" answer, there's truly too many variables to consider. #Retirewhileyouwork #Investing #Realestate https://t.co/DmCvIME42o7 days ago
In this episode, Carson discusses the pros and cons of employer-sponsored retirement plans and how much you should consider contributing if your employer does have a plan in place. https://t.co/FyVlVsNytz2 weeks ago
Did you have a chance to catch our webinar this morning with Michelle Norris, lead nutritionist with SweatNet? She discussed how to eat more of what's in season and decrease inflammation! #Retirewhileyouwork #Nutrition #Health #Wealth https://t.co/JrmlOdEPSS2 weeks ago
When trying to stick to a budget, it can be a struggle. In his most recent blog, Myles discusses how to make sure all monthly obligations are met and still leave room to spend money and do things for yourself. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Expenses https://t.co/DSnknqIkVX2 weeks ago
Rapid Fire Question of the Week: Do we think value stocks will outperform growth stocks? #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Investing #Economy https://t.co/HeBJFXKeBc2 weeks ago
Grateful to be partnered with a company like Raymond James, who believes in giving back to the community and the next generation as much as we do here at David Adams Wealth Group! #giveback #community #nashville #raymondjames https://t.co/vTC8Rzx3AN3 weeks ago
Earlier this year, Carson welcomed his second daughter into the world. He recently wrote about his experience with paternity leave and time away from work. Congrats Carson! https://t.co/2esQeGtngw3 weeks ago

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