Apr 20
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Jolene Adams

Director of Stress Management

My daddy deals with all this money stuff, and all I know is it sounds stressful sometimes. So my job is to sniff out any stress in the office and trade it in for puppy kisses and snuggles. I’m still working on my compensation plan and benefits package, although I must admit I have it made. I get 3 walks a day at the office, dog bones, and my daddy’s office is full of toys for me to play with. He may try and act like he’s a tough guy, but if you sneak in on him, he’s likely on the floor cuddled up with me talking to me in a high pitched feminine voice (insert eye roll here). Bless his heart…

@DavidAdamsCFPApr 20
The team celebrated the end of tax season with an outing to TopGolf today. Perfect start to the weekend! https://t.co/Q8WDWFEf3i2 hours ago
Check out client Andrew Kerr, featured today on Yahoo Finance discussing the Humble Leader, and how humility is a key leadership skill. https://t.co/pO96HvqNYE2 weeks ago
Jolene keeping our baby clients happy! https://t.co/NGT9aQLQbK2 weeks ago
If you do end up with a tax refund this year, consider these ideas for making the most of it. https://t.co/TRInmPZymj3 weeks ago
Watch Chief Investment Strategist Jeff Saut discuss the current market conditions in this latest video: https://t.co/TYtSLz792p3 weeks ago
Learn how a 529 Plan can help college students study abroad: https://t.co/bmm8CQT7pi3 weeks ago
It's wise to remain calm in times of volatility: https://t.co/gy0XkkCZhl . https://t.co/3boP7hiK6C3 weeks ago
When the markets have are volatile, stay calm. Consider a broader historical perspective before changing your course: https://t.co/lNrddub2cz . https://t.co/H3a8RsSTV54 weeks ago
Congratulations to dear friend and client Josh Kear on another #1 for "Most People are Good" cut by Luke Bryan!! This one is special. Lately it seems we only hear the negatives, and these lyrics are a beautiful reminder in all the good that's out there. Thanks Josh and Luke! https://t.co/w0M89fFLHR4 weeks ago
With the tax time deadline coming up, the team has been working extra hard! We called in the stress relievers today to help us unwind - what a great way to start the weekend!!! https://t.co/Y1dumdNteT4 weeks ago

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