Jun 25
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Jolene Adams

Director of Stress Management

My daddy deals with all this money stuff, and all I know is it sounds stressful sometimes. So my job is to sniff out any stress in the office and trade it in for puppy kisses and snuggles. I’m still working on my compensation plan and benefits package, although I must admit I have it made. I get 3 walks a day at the office, dog bones, and my daddy’s office is full of toys for me to play with. He may try and act like he’s a tough guy, but if you sneak in on him, he’s likely on the floor cuddled up with me talking to me in a high pitched feminine voice (insert eye roll here). Bless his heart…

@DavidAdamsCFPJun 25
We had a fantastic turnout at our annual Market Update with Jeff Saut last night in Brentwood! It is always an entertaining and informative evening for everyone. Thank you to all that attended! https://t.co/PZUssmYNvm4 days ago
We understand that summers can be stressful with the market, vacations, no school, etc... Our Director and Assistant Director of Stress Management are here to keep you relaxed and welcome you with cold noses and tail wags! https://t.co/QfaF873tMG6 days ago
Another congrats to our friend and client Josh Kear for co-writing Dierks Bentley's #1 Woman, Amen !! https://t.co/Pksuk05pRT2 weeks ago
Talking summer vacation budgeting tips with these two fun women on Today in Nashville Live! @todayinNashville @carolesullivan @kellysutton https://t.co/Homw4lkeOg2 weeks ago
Historic, terrifying, but full of potential meeting happening today. Let us all hope for forward progress towards peace, and the beginning of more fruitful (and mature) talks. The stock market should like that! https://t.co/E340RYydsQ2 weeks ago
These islands are more accessible, thanks to new nonstop flights—and more comfortable, too, with swanky, five-star hotel projects https://t.co/DCXjBueh5p2 weeks ago
If you’re celebrating your milestone birthday this year because you, too, were born in 1968, you’re in good company. https://t.co/SgyUslQhe83 weeks ago
Not all home upgrades carry the same cachet. https://t.co/afkXYeR1OT3 weeks ago
Americans are living longer in their old age, and should be preparing accordingly. https://t.co/ryCLJiUad24 weeks ago
I don't care who you are, or what party affiliation, that was funny. :) https://t.co/C25zFD31ek1 month ago

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