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Sep 18
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There are many considerations to be had for doing a Roth conversion - from what your tax rate is now, to what it may look like in retirement. Carson discusses here some of the pros and cons of Roth conversions. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Taxes https://t.co/mVrnIYWWqm4 days ago
Today marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11. In the weeks and months that followed our Nation came together like never before. Let us continue to help, support and love one another as we remember! https://t.co/BXJIjKSdyO1 week ago
Thanks to everyone who attended our Market Update webinar this morning! For those who were unable to attend, replay will be available early next week. #retirewhileyouwork #planning #marketupdate https://t.co/C4JglYdeOb1 week ago
DON'T FORGET! Tomorrow at 10am CDT we are hosting a Market Update Webinar. To register, follow this link: https://t.co/QaxFZLbgAN We hope you can join! https://t.co/tRwB3jxiY31 week ago
Our office will be closed today, Monday, September 6th in observance of Labor Day. We will be back in the office tomorrow morning. We wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day https://t.co/EH6V6DOeCp2 weeks ago
Life changes can have a major impact on your tax picture. These 6 life changes are some of the biggest that should give you reason to review your tax situation. #Retirewhileyouwork #Planning #Taxes #Finances https://t.co/WCPqKTIddH2 weeks ago
One of the questions we've been getting from clients is, "How high are taxes going to go and when will they take effect?". It's a fair question. In this episode, Myles discusses what we are hearing from our Washington insiders and where we see taxes going. https://t.co/fVffnPixhV2 weeks ago
In this blog, Myles discusses what the Investment Committee is keeping a close watch on when it comes to the $1T bipartisan infrastructure bill that was recently passed. #Retirewhileyouwork #Infrastructure #Economy https://t.co/y5pEjNzCwE2 weeks ago
The great debate of whether you should make contributions as pre-tax or as Roth can be summed up in two words: it depends. The discussion all comes back to tax rates. Pay taxes now or pay taxes later? #Retirewhileyouwork #401k #retirement https://t.co/YEzbP4JO993 weeks ago
One of the most common misconceptions about home ownership is that owning a home directly saves you money on your taxes. While it can help you on your tax return, that isn't always the case. #retirewhileyouwork #house #taxes https://t.co/DvRvdihXjO4 weeks ago

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