Julie Schutt, Office Manager shares her experience with her new temporary work environment:

My husband already works from home, so we tag-team on Hugo’s care throughout the day, switching off when one of us has conference calls, etc… but sometimes he’s yelling in the background regardless of us trying to keep him quiet! He’s already crashed a few team Zoom calls since we’ve been home. There’s no “new” routine to speak of except daily Zoom calls with our team! Hugo is teething, crawling, and napping randomly at the moment, so each day brings something new. It’s been nice to get a little extra sleep when he’s feeling generous (time when I would normally be commuting). I try to take a break around lunchtime to get outside when it’s warmer and sit on our swing, or walk around the yard and say hi to our neighbors over the fence (from 15 feet away). One positive change since I’ve been working remotely is that I’ve gotten to see a bunch of Hugo’s developmental changes that I would’ve missed had he been at daycare. He’s babbling constantly, waving, standing up on his own now, saying “mama” and “dada” a ton, and crawling like crazy! Another positive change is how consistently our team members check in with each other throughout the day since we can’t physically see each other. I really miss seeing our team in person, the camaraderie & giving David a hard time 😉 I also miss seeing our amazing clients in person and catching up with them.

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