I’ve been wanting to foster pets again since my husband and I bought our first home last fall but have held off due to my oldest dog’s poor health. Last week, I came home from work to find my husband holding an 8-10-week-old kitten that had climbed into our fenced-in backyard moments before, meowing up a storm. It was scrawny, filthy, and immediately obsessed with his beard. I went into full-on temporary foster mode, feeding it, cleaning it, and keeping it safe from our dogs. I’ve posted in various lost/found pet pages online about it, but as it’s “kitten season,” I’d be shocked if it belonged to someone and wasn’t just a stray.

This kitten has been living in my storage building for less than a week, but it’s already stolen my heart, and had about twenty different names. It’s extremely snuggly and loves to hang out on your shoulder and just watch the world go by. It is starting to get used to our dogs, and my German Shepherd is already obsessed with it. My Boston Terrier would like to not share me though…

I am still “technically” looking for a home for it, while hoping to draw my resisting husband over to the feline side. He’s not convinced just yet…but we’re working on it.

If you would be interested in meeting this little gal (we’re pretty sure it’s a girl), please contact me at jdouglasschutt@gmail.com

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