I wanted to share these quick thoughts as we (start to) round the corner hopefully from this pandemic:

  • We are pleased with our clients who followed our advice since the beginning of the pandemic last March, and stayed the course. We may be a long time waiting for a better real-world demonstration of our behavioral value proposition.  None of this to boast, but to simply share the importance of working with a professional (doesn’t have to be us) and following a plan.
  • LET US BEGIN BY RECITING ONE OF OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES: ALL LASTINGLY successful investing is goal-focused and planning-driven. All failed investing is market-focused and current events-driven. Successful investors act continuously on their lifetime plan; failed investors react continually (that is: randomly)
  • For clients who are worried about the market and have a good plan in place- if your goals haven’t changed then why does your plan need to?
  • Given that your goals haven’t changed, I strongly recommend not changing your plan. And if we’re not changing your long-term plan, then I don’t think we should be tinkering with your long-term portfolio.


All of this said, I am pleased with how well our clients have allowed us to coach them, and the discipline they have shown during a tough year emotionally and financially for many.  Thanks for allowing us to do what we love to do!

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