In early 2020 I wrote about matching company benefits to our philosophy, RETIRE WHILE YOU WORK™, and covered the range of recent changes we’d made to our employee offerings. We’re always looking to improve, and since we can’t leave well enough alone (ha!), we’ve recently refreshed our benefits for 2021. Much of this was jump-started by an opportunity we had to purchase the upstairs unit directly above our 12South office last spring. David considered renting it out or renovating the space. If you know David at all, you know he loves a renovation almost as much as he loves financial planning (and Jolene, of course)! We’re coming up on the completion of this renovation in the next few months. Our new space will include a second conference room, dedicated marketing area with equipment, two offices, and an employee wellness room. The wellness room is a workout space with an exercise bike, weight machine, TV, infrared sauna, and shower. To say we are excited about this is an understatement!

We’re continuing to offer a wellness/self-care stipend this year, that can be used toward reimbursement for costs such as gym memberships, fitness classes outside of gym membership (like ClassPass), meal prep services, race fees, massage, and many more. This benefit is offered to employees that have been with the firm for one year. It is our goal that all of our employees take the time to practice self-care on a regular basis, not just when a health problem arises.

In that same space, mental health has come to the forefront after such a difficult year due to the pandemic. Our alternative/mental health accessibility policy states the importance of reaching out for help when it is needed. We will gladly make any connections employees think they need to feel better mentally, and physically. Practitioners we have direct experience with include therapists, marriage counselors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and acupuncturists. This list is open to expansion, depending on what an employee’s needs are.

In addition, we plan to continue our other progressive benefits including unlimited vacation, education assistance, travel reimbursement for a new experience, and a pet friendly office.  We also continue to offer employer matched 401k, profit sharing, incentive and bonus plan, and a group health insurance plan.

Just as we emphasize helping our clients through life’s many transitions, we do the same for each other. We are truly a family here at David Adams Wealth Group and keeping our family happy (and healthy) is key to our philosophy.

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