The most important lesson my father has taught me is that the way you spell LOVE is T-I-M-E. As a child, I didn’t really understand what he meant (and why he was such a bad speller..haha). Ever since I can remember, I have seen my father as one of the most hard-working, dedicated people I’ve known, devoting his time and energy to those he loves. I believe that he understands what life is truly about, especially when it comes to how he spends his time focusing on his family, faith, and friends. It just-so-happens that my dad is not only my hero, but the main reason I started the Retire While You Work radio show.

My dad, Wayne Adams, worked in retail management for 40 straight years – not because the money or hours were ideal – but because he was passionate about leading his store and team. This type of leadership came with a monstrous time commitment. In my dad’s own words, “I was working 60 hours plus a week, usually 6 days a week.” This ultimately took a toll on his physical well-being, leading him to face a huge health scare a few years ago. Personally, when I received the call that my dad had been rushed to the ER with signs of a stroke, I was extremely fearful that I might lose my dad to retail. To be honest, I was crying out loud in the fetal position in my office floor before my team told me to get in the car and drive to Memphis. I was terrified that my time with him was about to end.

Although it did not turn out to be a stroke, due to the severity of the state of his health, my family and I finally convinced him to turn in his notice at work, which took a lot of courage on his part. I remember the hugs and tears shared during those emotional few days. I reminded my father of the lesson he taught me about time, and how we weren’t going to lose him to a job. In tears, I remember saying, “Dad, if TIME really is spelled LOVE as you taught us, then it’s TIME you let us LOVE you by closing this chapter of your life”.

Watching my dad go through this grew my passion for preparing my clients, audience, and loved ones for retirement, as well as helping lead them through life’s many transitions. I trust my dad’s advice over anything and he was kind enough to offer it for those who may have a similar situation to his.

Here is some additional advice on retirement and life in general from my hero, my dad, Wayne Adams:

1. Take your vacations & take your days off; you likely will never regret that.
2. Try to be grounded by keeping faith, family, and friends as your priority.
3. Do your best to live beneath your means. Try to save like a crazy person! We saved 21% of my salary in a 401k, and all of my wife’s salary for the last few years.
4. Work hard to get out of debt, or avoid it – buy used cars, not new cars – with cash.
5. Think about getting a financial planner- just not your son…haha.
6. Practice retirement, before you retire. And read a lot about it- knowledge is power.

Thank you, dad, for all of the amazing lessons you have taught me and for sharing them with those around you! I love you with all my heart.

Any opinions are those of David Adams and not necessarily those of Raymond James.

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