As we are in full holiday mode, I wanted to take a few moments to wish you and your family a very special holiday and memorable time together to rest, connect, and look ahead to the New Year.

Also, we are winding down from another “interesting” year in the stock market, to say the least.  After 20 years of doing this, I cease to be amazed at how disconnected the overall economy, our “feelings” on how things seem, and the actual direction of the stock market really prove to be.  For me, it’s an important reminder as to why market timing doesn’t work, and how the most notable economic voices on TV get it wrong ALL THE TIME.  Every week, I read someone calling for the next Great Depression type “crash”, while another major firm or economist is making the case how we are in the next Bull market run and the market will hit new highs.

Currently, despite all of the concerns I have in this current economy – inflation, unaffordable housing market, increasing consumer debt, decreasing savings, political divisiveness, etc- the stock market has advanced from a rough 2022 to near new highs, and waits 2024 which will likely prove to be another “head scratcher” year with the next Presidential election (don’t worry, I’ll stop here, relax!).  Somehow, good companies always find a way to make money and adapt their pricing, business models, and bottom lines to the changing environment; also, it helps to know our conservative client money in portfolios can currently earn 5% plus, giving us a nice “sideline” play for money we want to slowly work into the market or to remain as “dry powder” for major purchases ahead.

Our investment committee has already been meeting and discussing our upcoming January rebalance of our clients’ portfolios, and we will of course send you our thoughts during the process.  I’ll end by reminding you that our conviction lies in building solid, long term, customized financial plans using our 3 Bucket Retire While You Work ® registered trademarked process that has been time-tested over the last 20 years in an effort to grow and maintain wealth.

Ok….now go turn off the TV, love on your dog, hug your loved ones, move your body, and let us all be grateful for the blessings we do have and focus on the things we CAN control (NOT the stock market!!).

Much love to you and yours…..

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