To Our David Adams Wealth Group Friends and Family,

What a year this has been, and as cliché as it is to say, boy did it go by fast!  This year started off on the personal side dealing with a very delicate issue with my mother’s health, as many of you know about already.  Signs of early dementia crept in and sent the family into a whirlwind for a few months, and also brought us closer together.  I experienced some very intense emotions during this period and learned a lot, ultimately partnering with my sister and father to find the proper care for my mother.  I’m proud to say that we are currently in a very stable care situation for her at home with my dad and a good group of doctors watching over us.  My heart goes out to any of you dealing with similar family dynamics and caretaking loved ones.  My heart is just so happy to be able to spend some quality time with my mother again after what felt like may be no more.  I cannot stress how valuable every moment is with those we love, and how time is the true currency…

Which leads to one of the most fulfilling parts of my journey on the business side with the January release of “The Currency of Time”, my first book that was dedicated to my amazing, loving, and selfless parents.  It’s been so fun sharing my message, speaking to book clubs and groups around town (and out of town), and helping more people than I was previously able to one on one in our office.  Thanks to all of you who supported and encouraged me through the process, and who read my message and shared it with others.  You are the best!

Many of you know that this season of life for me has introduced the deep desire for world travel and accumulating experiences and memories.  I had a great time going to Bali and Singapore this summer with my best friends, Josh and Carly, and their daughter, Luna.  This amazing journey was followed up during the Fall with a trip to South Africa for the Raymond James Chairman’s Council Trip, in which we experienced safaris in Krueger National Park, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and Table Mountain in Cape Town.  I feel so blessed and fortunate for this time with dear friends seeing God’s beautiful creations. I am currently working on my travel Vision Board for 2020 and hope to share it with you soon.

I look forward to being with family over the holidays, cherishing every hug and “I love you” with my mother, and watching my niece turn 11.  As we get ready to wrap up another year, we wish you and your family as many warm days and family gatherings as possible.

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