I simply wanted to give some thoughts, advice, commentary on the current economy and stock market, and to check in:

  • While the market isn’t at an all-time high, it surprisingly seems to keep creeping up despite interest rates rising again, political chaos, and inflation still high.

** Fun fact:  this marks 15 years of a correlation between the market and my travel- David goes out of town, market goes up (we have a fun chart haha!)

  • Our Investment Committee doesn’t love the current economic environment, but have been pleased at the results of our models and are positioned very well.  We’ve recently moved some short term bond and cash money to fixed income yielding in the 5-6% range, which is a nice feeling after 10 years of 0-1%.
  • We remained defensive in 2022, and that played out well for our downside protection, and so far in 2023 we’ve been a tweaking a little bit into what I call the “straddle the fence” territory- opportunistic on the stock side, but building a nice buffer of fixed income with actual income to clients while we wait for market shifts.
  • I encourage you to spend time making sure your savings/cash outside of your accounts with us are repositioned with the banks into higher yielding accounts (in the 4-5% range at least). While this isn’t keeping up with current inflation, it’s a heck of a lot better than idle, dormant cash doing nothing for you.

Just wanted to share those quick thoughts, let us know how/if we can help you or your close friends or family 😊

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