Do you find yourself 15 years down the road in the same job that you can’t stand? Are you afraid to step out of the corporate bubble and follow your true passion from fear of failure? Do you dream of doing what you love so that you will never have to work another day in your life?


Our passion behind Retire While You Work is to help change the conversation of how retirement in viewed in our country. We want to support you in finding the balance of living your ideal life while working. Specifically, we want to help you thrive in a career that you love, or at least see a path to get there.

For many, the journey of discovering a balance between life and work begins once they reach the peak of dissatisfaction with their career. This emotion is often heightened for an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether they are working a dead-end job seventy plus hours a week with no long-term fulfillment to reach their personal or professional goals, or slaving away at a corporation with a boss barking unrealistic expectations their way, this may push this individual to turn their passion into a career.


In the case of MusicRowSearch and Who Knew Nashville’s Founder, Tom Truitt, a near-death experience led him to reinventing his work life. With nearly fifteen years of recruiting and management experience, Tom saw an opportunity to merge his recruiting skills with his first passion of music and formed MusicRowSearch, which is a full service executive search firm that focuses exclusively on placements within the music industry. Additionally, he holds Ted Talk-like seminars called Who Knew Nashville, in which a panel of music industry leaders discuss technology and music-related topics.


Stream our podcast with Tom Truitt here or download for free on iTunes.

Forbes magazine published an article discussing the art of being an entrepreneur. Fundamentally, an entrepreneur not only sees opportunity, but, he or she, seizes opportunity.


According to the article, here are 5 Steps to Becoming an Entrepreneur:

1) Seek to find opportunities.
2) Believe what you see is possible.
3) Be willing to do what no one else is willing to do.
4) Build your business around your passion and values.
5) Figure out how you can serve people doing what you are passionate about.


The article went on to say “If you do what everyone else has done, you will have what everyone else has. It is entrepreneurs who are willing to do what no one else is willing to do so they can have what no one else has. They are willing to give up immediate gratification for long-term fulfillment. They don’t mind working long nights and weekends because they believe that those long hours will be worth it in the end. It is that belief that drives them to do what they do in the face of fear, uncertainty and doubt.”


We encourage you to seek your passions and opportunities and believe in yourself, so that you can end up doing what you love with the people that you love. After all, that is what life is all about.


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