While most of us are on home watch, I wanted to share something quickly in between all of my other more specific/planning/technical content.

First, I would like to thank you as our clients and friends for being faithful and patient in what we call this VUCA time. (“VUCA” standing for Volatile. Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous)

Like I said before on my video, I learn something in every correction or bear market, and this one has been the most amazing. What happens with humans when confronted with a crisis is amazing. First of all, your response has been of concern for us and how we are doing, and that has been amazing and universal. Also, your concern not to call too much or talk too long as you are concerned for our time. Your Faith, Patience, and Discipline have been remarkable. It is YOU who we wish to applaud during this correction. By and large YOU have remained patient, realized that this is your plan, and you have not disrupted it by some unknown, unknowable event. We all knew it was coming, just not when it would happen or what it would be. This too shall pass, and we WILL get to the other side.

YOU are the best client group and family of friends I could imagine (well most of you, haha).

That’s all for now, more to come with a Webinar later this week.



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