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Our Clients

Musicians & Songwriters

Musicians require custom wealth management strategies to accommodate irregular cash flows from royalties, publishing deals, and touring income. Additionally, a transition plan is critical when preparing for a catalog sale or life after performing. Having an understanding of the challenges that musicians and songwriters face financially allow us to be a great addition to their team. Our Nashville wealth management team works in conjunction with their accountant, attorney, business managers, and bankers to ensure a true cohesive wealth management plan is in place at any given time. We want our musician clients to focus their time on their passion and families. Our Nashville team has experience developing solutions to help these clients make solid decisions.

Corporate Executives

Corporate Executives are busy trying to balance demanding work schedules, travel, and family time. Evaluating benefits- such as stock option and retirement accounts- is vital to making a transition towards retirement.

Our Nashville wealth management team realizes that balance in life is important, and in order to obtain this balance there must be processes in place to manage your assets. The markets are far too complex and the volatility too high to make spur of the moment financial decisions. We can help provide the discipline needed to succeed, and have the experience providing solutions to this group of clientele. Let our Nashville financial advisors help you develop and implement a detailed investment, tax, estate, and insurance plan that meets your needs.

*Raymond James does not offer tax services

Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes’ careers are typically short in duration; therefore a sound long term plan that prepares the athlete for the next phase is critical. Managing signing bonuses, understanding player benefit programs, and reviewing contract terms are all necessary steps to create this custom plan. Since oftentimes our athletes get large sums of income early in their careers, we focus on risk management, with a core belief that the best offense is a good defense. The way you make money long term in the market is by preserving what you have.
We act as the financial quarterback, making sure that our athletes’ estate, tax, insurance, and investment plans are consistent and effective. By working closely with their agents, bankers, accountants and attorneys, our Nashville wealth management team makes sure everyone is performing their roles- including ourselves.

*Raymond James does not offer tax services

Families & Individuals

Families, and Individuals have many needs when it comes to holistic wealth management. Among these are retirement and estate planning, college savings, and emergency funding- as well as dealing with death, divorce, or career changes. Building a custom financial plan brings strength during transition.

Our Nashville financial planners understand that the markets are complex, and our clients’ lives are as well. Our mission is to help simplify our clients’ lives by building a solid financial plan, that they can understand and use as a roadmap to meet their goals. Having this roadmap in place can help provide balance in life and allow clients to spend their time in more fulfilling ways. Life is short, and our clients’ time is better spent focusing on relationships, family, and hobbies- not stressing over money. Our Nashville financial advisors are passionate about helping our clients find this vital balance.

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