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Financial advisor and radio host David Adams is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and CPA in Nashville, Tennessee. As President of David Adams Wealth Group, LLC, an Independent practice offering securities through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., David is dedicated to helping his clients live well and retire, too. For more than 15 years, David has been committed to the financial well-being of his clients, and now more than ever, David is dedicated to changing an industry he feels is broken.


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Q2 Market Update

A lot has happened in the markets so far this year and the David Adams Wealth Group…

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How to Financially Prepare for Divorce

You probably never thought you’d be in a position to need advice about divorce. None of us…

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Nutrition 101: Part 2 – Q&A with Nutritionist Michelle Norris

Michelle Norris, Director of Corporate Wellness at SweatNet joined us again for a second webinar. This session…

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2021 Q1 – Come and Gone

It seems like everyone you know is talking about Bitcoin, but what exactly is it? Is it…

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How Much Should You Have in Your Emergency Fund?

The purpose of an emergency fund is not to make money. The purpose is to be there…

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The Power of Saying No

Being a people pleaser might sound sweet and selfless, but it can actually be very unhealthy for…

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Nutrition 101: Not Your Grandma’s Nutrition Lesson

Butter over margarine?! Whole eggs over egg whites?! As many of us set off on our New…

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Q1 2021 Investment Committee Market Update

What are you expecting in 2021? Our Investment Committee has some thoughts that might interest you when…

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2021 – What Now? A Message from the Heart and Desk of David Adams

David delivers a message from the heart on the year that was 2020 and also touches on…

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Planning for Children

With one little one already and another one on the way, Carson Odom discusses the joys of…

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Post Election Update with Michael Gibbs

Michael Gibbs, Director of Portfolio & Technical Strategy at Raymond James joins David to give an update…

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Financial Decisions to Consider When Getting Married

Myles Zueger, CFP® is back on the podcast again to discuss the financial implications of getting married…

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