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Financial advisor and radio host David Adams is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and CPA in Nashville, Tennessee. As President of David Adams Wealth Group, LLC, an Independent practice offering securities through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., David is dedicated to helping his clients live well and retire, too. For more than 15 years, David has been committed to the financial well-being of his clients, and now more than ever, David is dedicated to changing an industry he feels is broken.


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Budgeting Tips

On this episode, Carson and Myles discuss their experiences with budgeting and how they handle it from…

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What is the Right Amount to Keep in Your Emergency Fund?

Myles and Carson discuss what the right amount of cash to have in your emergency fund is….

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How to Pay for Education Expenses

Myles and Carson discuss various ways to pay for education and education related expenses – all the…

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Carson & Myles – How We Got Here

Carson and Myles discuss how they got started in the business and what led them to joining…

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Nutrition 101: Managing Stress and Taking Care of Mental Health

Michelle Norris, Director of Corporate Wellness at SweatNet, joins us once again, this time with special guest…

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How to Save for Big Purchases

In this episode, Myles and Carson discuss different strategies when it comes to saving for purchases and…

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David’s Current Market Thoughts

David wanted to take a quick moment and share my thoughts on what we are seeing in…

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Series I Savings Bonds

Carson and Myles discuss Series I Savings Bonds. With interest rates on the rise, we have been…

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Q2 2022 Market Update

This year has been volatile for the markets. As we near the midway point, we hosted a…

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What is the 4% Withdrawal Rule?

For years, the best and brightest in the financial world have debated what the most sustainable portfolio…

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The Effect of Interest Rates

Interest rates have been historically low during the pandemic. What’s going to happen now that the Fed…

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Real Estate vs. The Stock Market

Shares or shingles? Drywall or Dow Jones? To many, the idea of flipping houses or purchasing a…

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