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Financial advisor and radio host David Adams is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and CPA in Nashville, Tennessee. As President of David Adams Wealth Group, LLC, an Independent practice offering securities through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., David is dedicated to helping his clients live well and retire, too. For more than 15 years, David has been committed to the financial well-being of his clients, and now more than ever, David is dedicated to changing an industry he feels is broken.

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In this episode, you'll learn the five basic concepts to Retire While You Work. David discusses the ideas that will help you find the work-life balance you crave. Most people think they have to love your job to enjoy your life, and you hear a lot about you aren't doing life right if you aren't doing meaningful work. Passionate work and doing what you love isn't always the reality. David shares how to adjust your mindset when you are in a job you don't love. To hear more from David, listen each week as he shares excerpts from his book, The Currency of Time: A Three Bucket Approach To Live Now And Retire While You Work.


David discusses how the financial industry is broken when it comes to retirement. Most people think they will never have enough to retire comfortably, so they keep working and ignoring other aspects of their life. In this episode, David shares how he would like to change the industry mentality and outdated view of retirement.

Past Episodes

In this episode, David discusses the importance of meaningful experiences, not things. When people become ultra-wealthy and accumulate stuff, they become a slave to those things and become less connected to people. Ultimately people need to find a way to enjoy life without money.

David gives an intro and some personal meaning behind to his book "The Currency of Time: A Three Bucket Approach To Live Now And Retire While You Work." 

Behind the Scenes: David’s Father as His Inspiration (ft. Tatum Allsep, Music Health Alliance)

January 29, 2017

David discusses how the retirement system in America is broken and shares his father’s story and the passion behind why he began this radio show. Special guest, Tatum Allsep, Founder […]

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Women in Financial Planning (ft. Chevonne Farler, Wealth Management Advisor)

January 22, 2017

Special guest and wealth advisor in our office, Chevonne Farler, COO and one of our Wealth Management Advisors, talks about being a woman in the financial planning industry. David Adams […]

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Heather Powell, TN Kidney Foundation

Charitable Contributions (ft. Heather Powell, TN Kidney Foundation)

December 18, 2016

David discusses the role giving plays in true fulfillment and in the lives of the happiest people, as well as strategies for year-end charitable contributions.  Special guest, Heather Powell, CEO […]

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Community Service and Donations (ft. Tari Hughes, Nashville’s Center for Nonprofit Management)

December 11, 2016

In this episode we answer listeners’ questions about social security, rising interest rates, and more, and David reveals the Top 10 Places to Retire list. Special guest Tari Hughes, CEO […]

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Post-Election Investing (ft. Teddy Pins, Real Estate Agent)

December 4, 2016

David talks post-election about investing and where to go from here, and his thoughts on the election results. Real estate expert Teddy Pins is his special guest this week discussing […]

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Post-Election Stock Market (ft. Rachel Holder, Healthy Living Blogger)

November 20, 2016

In this episode, David talks about how to find the right financial advisor for you and your parents, his thoughts on the stock market now that the election is over, […]

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College Planning (ft. Karen Feamster)

November 13, 2016

David shares a heartfelt story about his father and his journey to retirement and answers the Top 5 Most Compelling Questions of the Week. Special guest, Karen Feamster, joins him […]

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Health and Wellness (ft. Rachel Holder, Healthy Living Blogger)

October 30, 2016

David shares habits of the happiest retirees and then answers your questions on various topics. Special guest Rachel Holder, avid juicer, blogger, and TV personality talks about 5 Ways to […]

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Trusts (ft. Jeff Mobley, Estate Planning Attorney)

October 23, 2016

David discusses the importance of having the Retire While You Work mindset, and answers your top questions of the week. David interviews special guest Jeff Mobley, an estate planning attorney […]

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